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Chancer: Season 2
TitleChancer: Season 2
Time385 mins
DirectorAlan Grint
ActorLynsey Baxter as Victoria Douglas; Peter Vaughan as Tom Franklyn; Matthew Marsh as Gavin Nichols; Stephen Tompkinson as Markus Warton; Clive Owen as Derek Love; Louise Lombard as Anna; Leslie Phillips as James Xavier Blake; Tom Bell as Mr Love, Derek's father; Robert Glenister as Colin Morris; Jennie Linden as Olivia; Ralph Riach as Stebbings; Karen Archer as Vanessa; Susannah Harker as Joanna Franklyn; Benjamin Whitrow as Robert Douglas; Cathryn Bradshaw as Sonya Morris
CinematographyColin Munn
PlotIn this UK series, Stephen Crane (played by Clive Owen) is the Chancer, a young London business analyst, ingenious con-man and social outsider who is called in to rescue Douglas Motors, a collapsing sports car company owned by the stylish Douglas family. Crane works for Kleber's Bank and develops an ambitious plan to acquire new investors, but a shady past under a different name is fast catching up with him. The second season of the drama opens with the Chancer finishing a prison sentence for insider trading...
ProducerSarah Wilson
WriterSimon Burke
Chancer: Season 2