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As Time Goes By: You Must Remember This
TitleAs Time Goes By: You Must Remember This
Time60 mins
GenreComedy; Romance
DirectorSydney Lotterby; Jacob Sager Weinstein
ActorDaniel Ryan; Judi Dench; Geoffrey Palmer; Timothy A. Bennett as Tom Berendo / Charlie Kane; Jim Bruce as Jack Lawler; Graham Elwood as Bobby Gilmore; Paul Goebel as Mr. Bernstein; Cherish Hamutoff as Susan Kane; Robin Delano as Miss Sedley; Vasilika Vanya Marinkovic as Amelia; Summer Menkee as Barbara; Crystal Robison as Miss Billington; Nickie Gentry as The Girl In The White Dress; Robin De Lano as Miss Sedley; Summer E. Sinclair as Barbara
RatingNR (Not Rated)
PlotFor the first time in ages, Jean (Judi Dench) and Lionel (Geoffrey Palmer) have the house to themselves, which spurs them to look back at nine years of love and laughter. Flashbacks of meetings, partings, comedy and romance are all beautifully woven into a poignant tapestry of memories. Join Jean and Lionel as they remember the best of As Time Goes Byin this exclusive special.
ProducerSydney Lotterby
WriterJacob Sager Weinstein; Bob Larbey
As Time Goes By: You Must Remember This