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Brian Wilson Presents Smile
TitleBrian Wilson Presents Smile
Time240 mins
GenreMusic; Documentary
DirectorDavid Leaf
ActorHal Blaine as Himself; Natalie Imbruglia as Herself; George Martin as Himself; Brian Wilson as Himself; Paul McCartney as Himself; Carol Kaye as Herself; Michael Vosse as Himself; Elvis Costello as Himself; Roger Daltrey as Himself; Van Dyke Parks as Himself; David Anderle as Himself
PlotThis film tells (using modern day interviews and archival footage and sound tapes) the story of how in 1967, while his band The Beach Boys triumphantly toured abroad, Brian Wilson was trying to push the boundaries of conventional pop music with a new follow-up to the Beach Boys' cutting-edge mega-hit, Pet Sounds. The new album was to be called 'SMiLE'. SMiLE pushed the envelope both musically and lyrically, and was supposed to out-do the Beatles' Sgt. Pepper record. But Brian wasn't able to sell the project to his band-mates when they returned. The project was shelved and Wilson's well-documented decline into depression, drug abuse, recluseness, and obesity had begun. Thirty-odd years later, Wilson announced that in 2004, SMiLE would be performed live in its entirety in London. This film tells the story of a damaged but healing artist bringing his greatest work to light.
ProducerDavid Leaf; Steve Ligerman
Brian Wilson Presents Smile