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Handsome Harry
TitleHandsome Harry
Time94 mins
GenreDrama; Crime
DirectorBette Gordon
ActorJamey Sheridan as Harry Sweeney; Steve Buscemi as Thomas Kelley; Mariann Mayberry as Judy Rheems; Aidan Quinn as Prof. Porter; John Savage as Peter Rheems; Campbell Scott as David Kagan; Titus Welliver as Gebhardt; Karen Young as Muriel; Jayne Atkinson as Kelly's Wife; Bill Sage as Pauley; Emily Donahoe as Kelly's Daughter; Asher Grodman as Bobby Sweeney; Andrew Dolan as Sam; Rutanya Alda as Mrs. Schroeder; Kevin Reed as Young Kagan
RatingR (Restricted)
PlotAn ex-Navy man carrying out the last wish of a dying shipmate renews contact with old friends to break the code of silence around a mysterious, long-buried crime.
ProducerFred Berner; Elizabeth Kling
WriterNicholas T. Proferes
Handsome Harry