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Cop And A Half: New Recruit
TitleCop And A Half: New Recruit
Time97 mins
GenreComedy; Family; Crime; Action
DirectorJonathan A. Rosenbaum
ActorGlenn Beck as Old Veteran; Lou Diamond Phillips as Detective Simmons; Wallace Shawn as Principal Miller; Janet Kidder as Captain; Michael Coleman as Matthews; Gina Holden as Sarah Foley; Giles Panton as O'Leary; Elizabeth Bowen; Reese Alexander as Mayor; Vincent Tong as Mr. Woo; Lulu Wilson as Karina Foley; Amitai Marmorstein as Oliver; Milo Shandel as Reporter; Jordyn Ashley Olson as Farrah; Veenu Sandhu as Dispatcher
CinematographyToby Gorman
PlotIn this family-friendly action reboot of the 1993 film, Karina Foley, an ambitious and spunky 12-year-old, inserts herself in a police investigation of the Badge Bandit, led by the grizzled, veteran detective Mark Simmons. Much to Simmons' disapproval, Karina partners up with him to stop the Badge Bandit from further wreaking havoc on the city. Through wit, skill, and green smoothies, Karina and Detective Simmons save the day and build a strong relationship in the process.
ProducerCharles Lyall
WriterScott Bindley; Adrian Vina
SubtitlesEnglish (SDH)
Cop And A Half: New Recruit